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Eyebrow Threading
and Facial Hair Removal
Facial and eyebrow threading are becoming common practices in salons and spas across the globe. This artform of shaping and hair removal is quick and inexpensive, yet it can leave truly remarkable results for those willing to give it a chance. In order to better understand the process, you might first want to ask: what is threading?

What Is Threading?

Threading is the process of hair removal, or eyebrow shaping through the use of strands of a cotton or polyester string. When this string is twisted and precisely rolled over areas you want removed, it will quickly pull the hairs out all the way to the root. This means of creating distinctive eyebrow shapes and removing small sections of hairs down to their roots has been around for several centuries.

Does It Hurt?

Threading hair removal has been around for centuries because it is effective, but also because it is something that isn’t all that painful either. In fact, many consider this treatment to be the very best for those that already have sensitive skin on their face, as it is the least likely method of hair removal and eyebrow shaping to cause irritations.

Is It Expensive?

Facial & eyebrow threading are very inexpensive. Even if you aren’t normally one to travel to a spa or salon to pamper yourself, these services are cheap, and they don’t take a lot of your time to complete.

What All Can Be Threaded?

The Wakeup Beauty Full Service Salon offers several varieties and levels of threading services to those who want it. You can choose specific areas for full removal such as the chin, upper lip and forehead. You can have eyebrow hair removed while having it simultaneously shaped as well. If you would prefer to just take care of it all in one fell swoop, there’s a full-face service for that as well.

For those looking for threading services and any other quality salon treatments in Southern California, stop at Wakeup Beauty Full Service Salon in Torrance, CA. Here you are sure to find the solution for all of your threading, hair treatment and styling, henna tattooing and more quality salon services needs.

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Eyebrow Threading in Torrance Ca
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