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First Time Eyebrow Threading: What To Expect?

First Time Eyebrow Threading: What To Expect?

Have you ever heard of eyebrow threading? Are you interested in shaping your eyebrows, but afraid of what pain may come? Do you want to find good eyebrow threading in Torrance CA?
Well, check this out:
Eyebrow threading is a peaceful, painless, and ancient practice that delivers amazing results in no time at all. Here at Wakeup Beauty Full Service Salon, we specialize in the Indian art of eyebrow threading, and we promise to deliver beautiful results.
Are you ready to be treated like royalty? Do you want all of your eyebrow threading questions answered? Read more to discover how eyebrow threading really works!
Is Eyebrow Threading Painful?

Whether or not eyebrow threading is painful really depends on the skill level of the professional. Fortunately, our professionals are highly skilled, and can guarantee that you’ll have a comfortable time. Some customers compare eyebrow threading to the feeling of tweezers, but only every so often.
And one more thing:
Using a warm compress, such as a hot rag, on the hair follicles before treatment can help lessen the chances of pain as well.
How Long Does Eyebrow Threading Last?

Eyebrow threading uses a cotton thread that is twisted and pulled along the follicles of unwanted hair. The thread acts as a lasso that wraps around the hairs, trapping them and then lifting them out in one single motion.
Since it removes hair directly from the follicle, it can last a good while longer than other types of hair removal treatments. Typically, the results of this treatment last about 6 weeks!
How Much Does Eyebrow Threading Cost?

Our eyebrow threading prices are very affordable. For just $8, you can receive threading to the eyebrows. Our professionals can thread other parts of the face as well.
Didn’t think it could be done?

It’s true! Our eyebrow threading experts know how to apply the same threading skills to other parts of the face, such as the upper lip, chin, neck, and forehead. We don’t recommend threading other parts of the body. All of our additional face areas cost between $3 and $7 each, with a full face service offered at just $25.
Schedule an Eyebrow Threading Consultation at Wakeup Beauty Full Service Salon Today!

Our professionals are ready to treat you like royalty. If you want to properly trim and contour your eyebrows in a beautiful way, we can schedule your first eyebrow threading appointment with you! Feel free to visit us at 4126 Sepulveda Boulevard in Torrance, California for a walk-in appointment. Or, if you’d like to schedule ahead of time, you can call us at (310) 465-0035 and one of our friendly assistants will be happy to take your call. We look forward to making you feel beautiful!
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