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Difference between waxing and threading eyebrows

Difference between threading and waxing eyebrows

Let's face it; eyebrows are all the rage these days. Whether you like them thick or thin, bushy or defined, a lot of maintenance goes into keeping them in shape, isn't it? When it comes to eyebrow shaping, two words that you hear the most and often appear to mean the same thing are waxing and threading. However, waxing and threading are not the same at all. In fact, they are poles apart!
If you are like me, you must be wondering:
What is the difference between waxing and threading and is one better than the other?
Well, let me help you to put this question to rest once and for all. So, here we go!
Waxing and threading are not the same
While both waxing and threading achieve the same goal; getting your eyebrows in shape, they differ in the way hair removal is accomplished.
Threading is a technique that has its roots in Ancient India. It involves using a cotton thread to create a version of a lasso to yank the unruly hair out. An experienced beautician can remove the hair precisely at the follicle with minimum pain and damage to the follicle itself.
Waxing, on the other hand, involves the use of molten wax and a strip of cloth or paper to pull hair quickly. Melted wax is applied to the unwanted hair, and a piece of fabric or paper is placed on the wax, and it is pulled in one quick motion. The unwanted hair stuck to the wax and pulled out right from the follicles.
Is waxing better than threading?
Both waxing and threading have their advantages and disadvantages. While threading is very precise and a trained beautician can remove even the tiniest hair, it required a lot of experience and practice. Waxing is not that precise; although, some expert beauticians can get quite beautiful results.
However, the most significant advantage of threading is the sensitivity issue with waxing. Some people can be sensitive to the wax itself or its high temperature. Threading is, by contrast, quite a safe alternative. It does not involve the use of any external material other than a piece of cotton thread.
That said, if you have thicker and coarser hair, waxing is a better option over threading. Threading works the best if you have thinner and shorter hair that you want to be removed.
What is more painful, eyebrow threading or waxing?
When it comes to pain, threading is the more pain-free option compared to waxing. Although you may feel an intense urge to sneeze or watering of your eyes, it not due to pain. Waxing, on the other hand, if not done correctly, can result in a bit of pain.
What lasts longer, threading or waxing?
Typically, threading lasts for about three to four weeks, depending on your hair growth. Some women experience much slower growth than others, so, results do vary a lot.
Waxing, on the other hand, can last for up to six weeks. As the hair is pulled out from the follicles during waxing procedure, there is a significant slowing down of the growth. That said, the results can vary a lot among women.
Whether you opt for eyebrow threading in Torrance, CA or eyebrow waxing in Torrance, CA, what you need is an expert. Thankfully, our team of expert beauticians here in Wakeup Beauty Full Service Salon can help you decide between threading and waxing. We have years of experience and training in both techniques and will make sure you have a tremendous and pain-free experience!
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